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Growth Track Step One: Know New Hope is all about discovering New Hope Church. Step One is our membership class. Here, you will learn Who We Are, What We Believe, Why We Exist, and How We Carry Out The Mission, along with other information to help you determine if you want to make New Hope your home. 

With Covid19 limits still in decree and hectic schedules we understand it can be tough making time to go to a physical class. That is why we have designed this online experience both simple and convenient for those wanting to know more about New Hope Church. Growth Track Step One: Know New Hope will take you through the same information you would receive in one of our traditional growth track classes except you can do it in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. Click on the button below that says "Download PDF". This will open our Step One Handbook so you can follow along with the presentation. Once the handbook is downloaded, click on the presentation below to start. 


Once you have completed watching the presentation and have filled out all the information in the handbook, sign the Member Partnership, and submit your partnership agreement to or see a Next Steps team member.

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