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NextSteps is what we call our discipleship process at New Hope Church.  This is where you take your next step in following Christ.


Growth Track
Step One:
Know New Hope

If you are interested in becoming a member of New Hope Church, click the button below to attend our online Growth Track Step One: Know New Hope. This online experience is designed to introduce others to New Hope Church: Who we  are, what we're about, and why we do what we do. For more information, contact a Next Steps team member by emailing

Growth Track
Step Two:
Know Your Design

Have you ever wondered why you are more drawn to tasks than people? Do you find yourself the life of the party? Are you asking God what your purpose is? Growth Track Step Two: Know Your Design is all about discovering your unique personality, leadership style, and the spiritual gifts and talents God has given you. Click the button below to find out how God designed you and what it means. For more information, contact a Next Steps team member by emailing

Young Fun

At New Hope Church, we believe in the importance of connecting with one another in a small group setting. Being apart of a connection group means getting to know and spend time with people with similar interests. Our small groups range from 6-8 weeks at a time and we have multiple groups to choose from. Click below to see a full list, and details of the connection groups we have to offer!

Connect Through
New Hope
Small Groups


Grow through
New Hope
Growth Classes

At New Hope, we value growth and teachability. We are always creating new ways for people to strengthen their relationship with God. Growth Classes are just one of the ways you can expand your understanding of who God is and grow your faith in Him. Our classes run between our Group seasons. They occur twice a year and typically run for four to five weeks. Click the button below to find a list of our classes and when they are available.


We believe in accountability and having someone to help guide you through your journey. For this reason, we have several seasoned Christians who devote themselves to helping others as they maneuver through the ups and downs of spiritual growth. They will regularly check in with you and offer support and encouragement. Click the button, "Need a Mentor" below if you would like a mentor to reach out to you. Or if you are interested in becoming a mentor, click the button, "Become a Mentor". 

Grow Through
New Hope


New Hope Church offers a variety of Ministries to get involved with. To view the complete list of our ministries, click the button to the right. 

Serve through
New Hope
Serve Teams

Serve Teams are the backbone of the church. Every ministry operates through the dedication of our volunteers. Through them, we are able to minister the gospel and share the Bible with others.  We believe that everyone has a purpose and part of that purpose is to serve in the church. When you join a serve team, you become apart of this crucial element in how New Hope Church runs and operates. If you are interested in joining a team, click the button below for a list of teams you can serve in.



To find out how you can become a leader at New Hope Church or if you are intersted in developing your leadership skills, click the button below and we will follow up with you.

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